Craftfoam Letters

Pre-cut foam letters and numbers can easily transform a school project, home craft activity or could even decorate your wedding venue!

Have you ever wanted to personalise an event or a project with pre-cut letters?  Now you can with our pre-cut Craftfoam letters and numbers, which are available in Helvetica font and can be used to create eye-catching messages that will enhance any location. 

The letters are available in upper case or lower case and with numbers (0-9) to complement the style, all of which come in a standard height of 250mm, with bespoke sizes available.

Craftfoam letters are proving particularly popular in school art lessons where pupils can create colourful memorable artwork for their classrooms.  Because the letters are already cut to shape, pupils can concentrate on getting creative with colour and texture, which is much more fun – rather than spending time on the difficult job of cutting them out!

For a colourful finish, we recommend using acrylic paints, although some spray paints will also work well.  If you want to go one step further by adding special effects to your letters, you could consider using plaster, gesso, modelling paste or other coating materials to create interesting textures.

There really is no limit to the uses for Craftfoam Letters – whether for an architectural project, event, corporate occasion or to personalise a wedding venue – let us bring your event to life with letters and numbers!
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