The only limit to Craftfoam is
your imagination!

Craftfoam is a versatile material, ideal for a wide range of applications, from model making and floral art to product design and prototypes.

Craftfoam is a strong yet lightweight material which can be cut, sanded, planed and painted to create striking models, creative craft projects or professional product prototypes. 

The uniform small cell structure of Craftfoam, which is made from extruded polystyrene, guarantees the best finish for your project.  Craftfoam offers a smooth surface which is ideal for painting and is also suitable for use with some pastes and resins.

The high rigidity of Craftfoam means that it can easily be cut, shaped and modelled using a variety of tools.  It is suitable for use with hand or powered knives and saws, drills and routers and a wide range of adhesives.  This really does mean that the only limit to what you can achieve with Craftfoam is your imagination!

Craftfoam is available to buy from our website in handy sheet sizes and a range of thicknesses, with a choice of either grey or green colours.  We can deliver to any location anywhere in the UK or you can collect your order from our dedicated warehouse in Sheffield, just off the M1 motorway.

If you’re in need of a little inspiration for your next craft or model making project, take a look at our Inspiration Station for Craftfoam ideas, tips and how-to guides. 

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